I have always been able to draw and paint different pictures since I was a young boy. I used to draw cartoons of different types, but I could never make up a cartoon of my own. One day my daughter needed a cartoon strip for her art class in high school. She wanted to copy some of Walt Disney’s characters, but I thought we should have an original character for her comic strip.

At first we thought of using a worm. I had drawn him in different positions with different expressions on his face. He was a cute little fella with a top hat cocked to one side of his head and he carried a cane. All this did not suit us so we tried other types of characters of which none pleased us. Then I thought we could draw a car or an airplane, and have them doing all sorts of actions.

So I started, first a few scribbles on my paper, then a few lines, a shape started to take place. A small airplane with large eyes, a big grin and flappy wings came to life at the end of my pencil - Lil’ Cub was created. I would like to share the first story of Lil’ Cub with you. It was created for my daughter and dedicated to all who are young and those who are young at heart.

Barbara Stratton believes in the power of words to influence and make a difference. She understands that one cannot conquer the publishing world alone. So she partnered with a company that matches her values, and that is PageTurner Press and Media.